Big Gold Bud
dà jīn yá
Harvesting season
Main region
Noble tea of the highest quality and consisting only of young buds picked from tea trees. To produce a tea such as this, a very experienced technologist is required, because the processes used for the buds are different than the ones for the leaves. One day can change everything: if the tea is not aged enough or aged too much, then it will be impossible to drink it. Properly treated buds allow for the transparency of the infusion and the play of taste, and the warm and velvety aroma.
In this tea, the main focus is the raw materials, the taste of the drink depends on the quality of the buds and how it is stored. In the best grades of this variety, much attention is paid to the final sorting, sometimes it is carried out several times. An important feature of this tea is its high biological activity and the ability to tone the body. For this reason, it is better not to drink it late in the evening, and, for those who are sensitive to caffeine, it's best not to drink it six hours before bedtime. The tea is created from selective neat buds, like small capsules containing a fragrant and delicious energy boost.
Main region of planting
– Yunnan
Advices for the best brewing
Time 300, 360"
Amount 5g
Water 500 ml
Temperature 100 ̊
Steeps 1-2
International brewing method
Time 20"25"25"35"40"45"60"
Amount 3g
Water 150-180 ml
Temperature 95 ̊
Steeps 7-10
Chinese brewing method
This tea is best brewed in porcelain or earthenware, pre-heated with hot water.
Relieves nervous tension;
Tones the body;
Improves the gastrointestinal tract
Health benefits
The taste of this tea depends on the source area and quality of the raw materials, the way they are stored, processed and their age
The best time to drink