Phoenix Oolong Honey Orchid Aroma
dān cóng mì lán xiāng
Harvesting season
All year round
Main region
The basic grade of the bush for all Fenhuang oolongs is Shui Xian. Shui Xiang is a variety that is reproduced by seeds, so with time each bush acquired its own taste, the nuances of which are further aggravated by the features of the soil and microclimate, which differs at different altitudes. Dan Cong is lieterally translated as a lonely bush, this name goes back to the history of oolongs production in Fenhuang: earlier the leaves picked from one bush were never mixed with the leaves from another bush. Now the major part is produced from a mixed garden raw material.
This variety is one of the most popular teas from the Phoenix mountains. It occurs in two flavor variations - "chin xiang" - fresh fragrance and "nun xiang" - a strong fragrance. Intensity of the taste depends on the degree of heating in the production process.
Mi Lan Xiang variety is widely spread in different altitudes and therefore the taste of the tea of different manufacturers may differ a lot. As a rule, the higher the altitude the better the tea is and the price for this tea grows with each hundred meters.
Main region of planting
– Guangdong
Advices for the best brewing
Time 180, 240"
Amount 4g
Water 500 ml
Temperature 100 ̊
Steeps 1-2
International brewing method
Time 10"15"20"30"45"60"
Amount 5g
Water 150-180 ml
Temperature 90-95 ̊
Steeps 5-7
Chinese brewing method
In this variety the brewing of this variety you one needs to pay attention to the time of infusion, since as overdone the tea can become unpleasantly bitter.
Helps to remove toxins from the body;
Regulates metabolism;
Stimulates the nervous system
Health benefits
Fruity with light bitterness, honey aftertaste, notes of black currant in aroma
The best time to drink