Phoenix Oolong Almond Flower Aroma
dān cóng xìng rén xiāng
Harvesting season
All year round
Main region
Oolongs from the Phoenix mountains are also called Chaozhou or Chaozhou cha - by the name of the nearby city, which plays an important role in the local tea culture. Phoenix mountains are one of the most famous tea regions of China. They owe their fame to local oolongs, who repeatedly won prizes at various international exhibitions. Despite such popularity, Fenghuang Dan Cong from wild-growing old tea bushes is a collectible product that rarely leaves the country, as a year one bush gives no more than two kilograms of the tea and there is very little of ready made tea.
Phoenix oolongs are processed in the waysimilar to the processing of Wuyishan teas: first, tea leaves are slightly withered, then shaken, launching the process of fermentation. After that, the leaves are oxidized in the cool, then they are heated and twisted, at the very end they are dried in the oven, sometimes on coals. In order not to spoil the unique aroma of the tea, after the final stage of production it is packed in tight, waterproof bags that protect against moisture and sunlight.
Main region of planting
– Guangdong
Advices for the best brewing
Time 180, 240"
Amount 4g
Water 500 ml
Temperature 100 ̊
Steeps 1-2
International brewing method
Time 10"15"20"30"45"60"
Amount 5g
Water 150-180 ml
Temperature 90-95 ̊
Steeps 5-7
Chinese brewing method
In this variety brewing one needs to pay attention to the time of infusion, as overdone the tea can become unpleasantly bitter.
Improves digestion;
Stimulates the brain;
Cleanses the body
Health benefits
Pure with bitterness and sweetness in the aftertaste, with rich floral aroma and berry notes
The best time to drink