Milk Oolong
nǎi xiāng wū long
Harvesting season
All year round
Main region
People say that the idea of this tea creation was born out of the desire to repeat the delicate creamy flavor of the tea, which was obtained only once in the processing of tea leaves. Aromatization of the tea allowed not only to find the same flavor, but also to produce it in many variations. At first the secret of the flavor was hidden by the manufacturers, and the secrecy has spawned many theories about the origin of the milky taste. For example, it was said that bushes are watered with pineapple water, coconut milk, the leaves are soaked in the serum, etc.
Such an unusual taste is attributed to the fact that in the production process, the leaves are impregnated with flavorings. Flavors are very different, and the final taste of the tea depends on their quality and naturalness. Here works the principle: the more expensive - the better the quality. Aromatization makes the taste of the tea bright and sweet, like a delicious dessert. In flavored teas, the main role is given to theraw material - the best sort for Milk Oolong is the Taiwanese Golden Flower, which has its own delicate creamy note.
Main region of planting
– Taiwan
Advices for the best brewing
Time 180, 240"
Amount 4g
Water 500 ml
Temperature 100 ̊
Steeps 1-2
International brewing method
Time 10"15"20"30"45"60"
Amount 3-5g
Water 150-180 ml
Temperature 90-95 ̊
Steeps 7-9
Chinese brewing method
Due to the strong aroma, it is better to brew this tea in a glass or porcelain teapot, as clayware absorbs the aroma and will not be suitable for other teas.
Improves metabolism;
Positively affects mood;
Normalizes blood pressure
Health benefits
Saturated creamy, confectionery
The best time to drink